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Rowr!  Yeah, you, Tiger!!  Just Kidding.  Seriously…animal prints don’t have to be bodacious.  It’s not all Peg Bundy in the tasteful animal print world of décor.  They can actually add a sense of intelligence and lots of texture to a space.  Here’s top three reasons why we love Tasteful Animal Prints: 


Animal prints can balance out blocks of solid color.   In other words, your décor needs layers like you have them.  You’re not a static being and neither should be your décor.

The use of tasteful animal prints proves that impeccable taste and a sense of fun are excellent bedfellows.

Animal prints can add a sense of global, world travelled, intelligentsia to an otherwise flat interior.

So, it’s not all about your trite “Wild Side” coming out.  It’s about beautiful design full of textured layers.  You, sexy beast, you.  (wink) 

The gorgeous souls at www.edenLA.com are available to help you help yourself to wildly beautiful interiors…with our without animal prints.  Hit us up.

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There are very few rules in interior design, but one guideline we always advise when trying to decide between two seemingly appropriate chandelier sizes: “ALWAYS GO WITH THE GRANDER!”  That means, go big, dahlings!  We have been wowed by many a space with a chandelier that  was larger than one would think the space could accommodate.  We’ve also gently nudged our wonderful clients to go big and be bold, many many times.  The result is always more wow factor!  A too small chandelier is the wet, limp handshake of the interior design world.  And no one wants to live with a sodden, supplicant salutation hanging over them.  So, go big, dahlings!!  edenLA@edenLA.com if you need help!

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The vision of a plush sofa veritably melting into the wall makes us melt.  Monochromatic steps can take you to a very dramatic end result….if you’ve got the guts.  Perhaps you don’t have bravery large enough to create an all red room, we get it.  But using some of the monochromatic effects in your decorating can help a small space seem larger too.  (and don’t you dare say “matchy matchy”….people say that way too much in general)  Seriously, we teared up a little when we first saw this green room photograph (credit: www.inthralld.com).  Let us know if you want to create an all navy blue den, or a powder pink power office. We are DOWN. 

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This gorgeous interior featured in this month’s Elle Décor (bottom photo) reminded me how great Cherry Blossoms can be for adding texture and height to a space.  One of my clients in Brentwood has a gorgeous entry table with deco chairs that is missing something……(enter aha! moment here).  All designers love those moments.  Here’s to some gorgeous aha! moments for you! 

xo, JRod

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We’ve been working a lot lately with upholstered furniture.  It’s versatile and durable, can be used to cover doors, drawer fronts, or even entire dining tables.  Next time you’re stuck with choosing what wood to use for a piece of custom furniture, think outside the tree.  Furniture can be upholstered in any fabric, but we generally turn to a rich vegan leather. More and more fabric houses are coming out with them, but I love Duralee’s selection the most right now.  Pearlized Ostrich?  Dark Navy Anaconda?  Embossed forest green croc?  Yes please!

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"Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass". -Ralph Waldo Emerson